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The Project Office is a specialist New Zealand-based professional project management consultancy.

With a team of over 25 Project Managers we have people with different specialisations and backgrounds, which means we're able to assist most clients with their project management needs. We're passionate about working with local South Island businesses to anticipate and meet their facilities and infrastructure needs and in doing so contributing to a vibrant New Zealand economy.

Years of experience, fresh energy

Established in 2010, The Project Office is a young company that brings together professional Project Managers with years of industry experience, specifically selected to meet the needs of local industry.

We get to know you

At The Project Office, our focus is on building strong relationships with like-minded organisations and working with those organisations to find practical, innovative, commercial solutions to their facility and infrastructure requirements.

Our relationships-based approach means that we stay close to your organisation, keeping current with your business direction and issues, ready to hit the ground running when you need some external advice or resources.

Independent, trustworthy advice

Independence is important. We're committed to giving you the best possible advice. To ensure we're able to do this we maintain independence from all other consultants and contractors. In short, we just do Project Management and when we work for your organisation, we're working solely for you with your best interests in mind. Your business really is important to us.