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St Margaret’s College

Relationship since 2010

St Margaret's College is one of Christchurch's leading education providers.  Providing quality education for girls from years 1 to 13, St Margaret's College has been a prominent contributor to education in Christchurch since 1910.

The Project Office team's relationship with St Margaret's College started in 2010 after the September earthquake.  The College's facilities sustained significant damage in the event and in the subsequent February earthquake.  The Project Office has been working with St Margaret's and their insurers to establish the extent of the damage, identify interim solutions to enable the College to continue their educational services, and scope and undertake repair and remediation works.

During this process The Project Office has worked with the College to integrate their upgrade and betterment intentions with the process of repair and remediation.  Work is ongoing at this point and the college has been able to remain safe and fully operational while continuing to provide the world class education experience and tradition they are known for.

St Margaret’s College