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The Project Office is an independent project management consultancy.  We provide professional project management services to organisations where they have specific facility and associated  infrastructure project needs. 

What is a Project Manager?

A Project Manager helps your organisation navigate its way through the myriad of issues that arise during building and infrastructure projects, and assists your internal team through conceptualising, planning, organising and delivering large projects. In short, a Project Manager helps deliver what you want while managing your risk. 

What value can a Project Manager add to my project?

The earlier in the life of your project you engage a Project Manager, the greater value they can add and the higher the likelihood that your project outcome will be optimised.

For some organisations, facility or infrastructure projects are few and far between and there isn't the in-house expertise in project start up, planning or management. A professional Project Manager can add significant value to your project and is best engaged early on during scoping.

Other organisations constantly have a range of projects on the go with teams of in-house Project Managers. In these situations The Project Office can supplement your in-house teams with specialist or general Project Management skills and experience.